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How to Enhance the Chances of Winning the Bet in the IPL Matches?

The world is moving so fast, and the people are engaged with various activities and the thing that is giving complete relaxation is sports. If you want to get more interest in sports, then you can go for betting. Nowadays betting is common among people. This is because, whenever people are involved in betting, they are able to earn money and rewards. Read the article to know about the IPL Betting tips and strategies that are involved in the IPL matches.

What is the IPL?

Indian Premier League (IPL) is a T20 tournament that was organized by the Board of Control for Cricket in India. At present there are 8 teams participating in the tournament and the betting can be done on your favorite team. The tournament is organized in India and the players from all over the world are participating in the IPL matches. The cricket betting tips and strategies are used in IPL matches to earn more rewards.

Common strategies of IPL matches

In the IPL, some common strategies are available for earning rewards. The experts or cricket fans are betting the match based on these common strategies. They are

  • Man of the match
  • Man of the series
  • Best batsman
  • Best bowler
  • The highest number of Boundaries
  • Individual performance of the player

Know about the weather conditions

In the IPL betting tips, knowing about the weather conditions of the match venue plays a vital role. Before you are going to bet on a team, you must know about the weather condition of the particular match venue. The information regarding the weather can be obtained with the help of the Internet. This is because; many matches are canceled due to bad weather conditions and rainfall. If the rainfall has occurred, then the players will face the struggles while batting and bowling which will affect your bet.

Keep an eye on the toss

The betting started from the coin Toss itself. The coin toss bet is the initial level of cricket betting tips. The coin toss decides which team is going to take batting or bowling. The winner of the coin toss can choose the batting or bowling options based on their team strength.

Order of batting

Before you bet on batting, you should know about the order of batting. The order can be predicted by looking at the team players. The overall score of the team is based on the order of batting. The best batsman will focus on the score of the team and individual performance. You have to bet on such a type of batsman for easy winning of Bet.

Bowler’s wickets

The wicket taken is playing a vital role in the IPL matches. If the bowler can take the best batsman wicket, then he can lower the score of the opponent team. So you can bet on bowlers based on their bowling tricks.

By now, you can get tips for enhancing the chance of winning the IPL bets. Make use of the above-mentioned tips and win the bet.

Useful Betting Tips to obtain Benefits in the Indian Premier League

Are you a cricket lover? If yes! Then you probably know about the Indian premier league. The Indian premier league is a professional cricket league played in India. The IPL season is the most awaited season for cricket lovers. The Board of Control for IPL has scheduled the matches for the IPL teams. The players from the Indian team and all other country cricket players can participate in the IPL matches.

If you want to enjoy the extreme fun of IPL matches, then you can get it from betting. In this article, you will get information about IPL Betting Tips. So make a halt on this page and read the following content.

Make some research about the team

The first and foremost thing in the cricket betting tips is to do some deep research about the team. You should know about the strengths and weaknesses of the team players before you bet on them. Without knowing the team and team players, you cannot expect positive results in betting.

 Choose the correct site

The Internet is the place, where you can find several legal and illegal websites. The betting can be done on the online website. You have to select the best online website for IPL betting. In some cases, you can find the IPL betting tips and options on the web page itself. So make use of the online website to bet in beneficial.

Go for different types of bet

Even looking for cricket betting tips, there are a lot of different types of options available. The below mentioned are the different types of betting,

  • How much run does the batsman obtain in the next over?
  • Whether the next ball is going to six or four?
  • Who is going to step in when the current batsman wicket is gone?
  • Who will win the match?

Bet when you are in a conscious state

One of the most important things in the IPL betting is, you should be cautious about betting and should have control over the expenditure that you spent on betting. If you are in an unconscious state, then you may tend to face any serious consequences.

Know about the history of the pitch

Before you are going to bet on a favorite team, you should know about the history of the pitch. The winning chances may be affected based on the weather conditions, due factor, etc. The knowledge about the weather conditions is playing a vital role in cricket betting tips.

Know about the team news

The IPL season will last for a minimum of 2 months. So during the entire IPL season know about the team news and team player updates is an important one. Only by following the team news, you can get the update regarding the players, who are all going to participate in the next match, the match schedule and so on.


Does cricket betting tips and predictions make us profitable share?

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Cricket Betting 

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IPL Betting Tips

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Regrettably, betting on cricket online is not as uncomplicated as selecting the first sportsbook you come transversely on the internet with its IPL Betting Tips and then start insertion your bets. So, before you furnish any bookmaker a thumb up and go underwater into the world of online betting, make sure you think about the subsequent points while thorough for your wonderful cricket gambling site online.

Betting Tips and Its Prediction

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Guide, Predictions & Reviews of Cricket and IPL Betting with its Tips

A great chunk of human population remnants oblivious to the subsistence of this sport yet it has the succeeding highest fan following surrounded by all the sports on the planet. Cricket is played roughly around the world, although it is more popular in confident countries. Cricket is particularly and extraordinarily popular in Pakistan. People in India pleasure cricket as a religion. They are enormously obsessed with the match Cricket is also very trendy in Australia, England, West Indies islands, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and Afghanistan Cricket is a bat-and-ball sport played flanked by two teams of eleven players. It is set on a cricket field centered on a 20-meter pitch with two wickets each comprise a bail impartial on three stumps. Spend a little from your occasion to read and be taught the key policy of cricket betting tips and assurance your win with your Cricket betting tips.

The wealth players get are too towering and they have made their recognition, IPL betting tips are followed and in India is a cricket of money, which makes more popular the cricket in today’s generation. And India cricket council, BCCI is the world’s richest cricket board.

IPL Betting Tips

 Cricket Gambling Tips

  • Most Popular match with Cricket betting tipshistory is seen while India Pakistan matches, they are watched over one billion people.
  • World cup matches make cricket more attractive, and people are listening carefully to watching the world cup matches of their countries.
  • All-rounders are frequently the major commodity in T20 cricket, as large hitters who can also bowl can engage in recreation two vital roles to the fullest in this arrangement.
  • In batting conditions, these players are repeatedly used in pinch-hitting roles by being eminent up the arrange to come to score as a lot of runs as rapidly as possible.
  • This paves the way for in-play gambles, as the inoculation of a power hitter can twist a game on its head in the breathing space of a few deliveries.
  • Test cricket anywhere a team can be leading for several successive matches and manufacture lopsided encounters, the consequences are less unsurprising in this format.
  • Any agreed team can construct an opponent appear commonplace one day, with the turnaround proving the case in their next convention.
  • There is an abundance of worth to be had in the head-to-head winner marketplace; it is immediately a matter of timing your bet correct.

IPL betting and its Conclusion

  • The IPL is an exclusive tournament just as T20 cricket is an inimitable format.
  • It’s critical for bettors to read the situation correctly.
  • Those that can expand a strong acquaintance of things like location statistics and player ease of use can find a border.
  • Expressive player powers and weaknesses, and applying them to the exclusive challenges of playing at unlike Indian venues are also decisive.
  • Appreciating the idiosyncrasies of the IPL betting tips and T20 cricket in wide-ranging will facilitate you spot charge when it is being accessed by the bookmaker.

Expert Tips To Bet On Indian Premier League Matches Beneficially

Among the Gentleman’s game, cricket is the most intriguing game for fans. With the fever of online betting sites, the users are looking for betting tips to enjoy the league. Among the few sports, IPL stands above all the cricket league matches due to its fanbase. The 13th edition of the IPL is planning to go bigger and higher with the large fan support from the world.

If you are looking for the IPL betting tips, you can continue reading this manuscript. From the following lines, you can get the useful information to bet on the league matches beneficially with strategic predictions.

How to predict the odds in matches to bet?

If you are looking to bet against the IPL league matches, you should concern certain factors. The factors make your bet beneficial to predict the winner and runner of the match previously. Read the following lines to know the factors to predict and bet on IPL matches.

Read often about the team news

During the IPL T20, it is hard to predict the constant player for the team in all matches. Squads of the team will change if they need any consistent performance for their side by replacing the players. Before you bet on teams, you should read about the team news related to your supporting and opponent team.

Be sure about the schedule

Check the announced schedule of IPL matches online or sports news. It helps you to be alert for betting on the team without missing the tournaments. When you roped in the cricket betting tips, you can rule out of the betting odds. Therefore, by knowing about the schedules for your supporting or favorite team, you can bet effectively. 

Weather forecast reports related to venue

The next most important factors help to bet on matches is weather forecasting report. You can find the venue and timing of the matches along with the schedule list. After referring to it, by checking the role of weather condition, pitch condition on the ground you can predict the scores of the match. 

Performance of the teams

It is hard to expect the same level of performance from the IPL teams throughout every season. Therefore, knowing about the recent strength and performance levels of the team is essential to bet affordably against team or players/scores. You can verify the performance of the respective teams from respective seasons through IPL betting tips. By thoroughly reading it you can change a lot of things in your betting ideas to win. 

Take an insight into the potential online betting sites 

By knowing the potential of the players and match ground, you can predict the odds to bet on matches. At the same time betting on trustworthy betting sites is essential to avoid legal issues. Take an insight into the cricket betting tips in different phases to dig deep into the betting data. 

At last, you can show the potential winnings on your bet after knowing the IPL betting tips from top to bottom of this manuscript. Make use of the information to reduce the loss percentage on betting. 


In recent days, there are many cricket betting websites online that struggle to lure punters by donation enticing chances on popular cricket tournaments like the IPL, World Cup, BBL, and the Ashes. But meaningful which of them are authentic and which are cannot be a boring job, particularly for those who are novel to online gambling. If you occur to be a newbie and are in look for of a dependable and supposed online bookmaker, we have got you enclosed as we not only give in sequence about the top-rated cricket gambling sites but also offer admission to them. Based on our widespread investigation, we have tapered down the cricket gambling sites that we establish are the most excellent for online Cricket betting tips and that we know will luxury punters with admiration.

 Gambling in Cricket

Every cricket gambling site on the internet has its possess take on betting, offers dissimilar promotions, options, skin tone and even likes to think only on exacting types of bets. So the response to this question is attractive slanted and it all boils behind to individual preferences in the finish. But if we are to cap a champion from the aforesaid sites. This is not only since of their genuine reputation but also for the reason that they present the widest collection of gambling markets, spirited odds, live cricket gambling, plenty of good-looking bonuses and promotions in adding to as long as suitable put down options and quick payouts.


IPL Betting

Indian Premier League (IPL) in use world cricket by tempest since its first appearance in 2007. It is the most important cricket league in the world whose 11th season is going to commence. The cricket lovers all approximately the globe is wild and waiting for this commencement of this league very fervently. If you are one of them and waiting for some IPL betting tips, then you have moved toward to the right place.

At this time, we will tell you about some useful ways that can aid you in captivating a huge prize this year. Before opening the betting game, you must be attentive to the technique of how to play protected. No IPL betting tips will vocation for you if you have not had of acquaintance in this field. To get precise information about the tax, you should hire a tipper. However, all of them are not equal when it comes to batting and bowling depth. So, you should go for the team who is favorites to win. Some people may advise you that it is a t20 game anything can be probable. It can work for the populace who have lots of money & love to gamble, but if you don’t have money in hand, then go after this IPL betting tip for sure.

  • Create with a low quantity
  • Have a razor-sharp eye
  • Engage in recreation on safe players
  • Pitch circumstances
  • Check out performances of family players
  • Bet on players in performance on their home ground
  • Home players
  • Take help out from an expert








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Cricket Playing Countries where Cricket Betting is Legal

Cricket is a very famous and most loved game  It has become passion for cricket game lovers and also a source of income for cricket bettorsCricket betting has been a multibillion dollar industry since recent times and this betting is performed both legally and illegally. In fact the total worth of the global betting market is estimated to be as high as 4 trillion USD.

In India Justice Lodha Committee’s recommendation to legalise betting in cricket has received diverse responses in India. While cricket betting remains an illegal activity in India, it is a multi-billion dollar industry, having major growth in recent years through underground betting syndicates. Apart from India other country also involved in this  regard.

Cricket Betting is Legal

But there are some countries where cricket betting is legal. Here is a glance at five cricket playing nations where betting  is legal:

1 Australia :

This is real fact that Australians love gambling. Over 80% of Australian adults engage in some form of gambling. Cricket Australia (CA) closely monitors betting activities in cricket, while there are a number of laws at the provincial level to regulate the industry. Australia, surprisingly, does not levy tax on the winnings of gamblers.

2 United Kingdom :

In United Kingdom Gambling Act of 2005 regulates sports betting. It applies to all individuals involved in gambling in the country. However, the England and Wales Cricket Board also has a set of rules specifically for the stakeholders of cricket. The UK Act classifies gambling into two broad categories: legal and illegal.

3 South Africa :

Gambling Act of 2004. This act was the mark of legalization of betting in South Africa before this South Africa had, for a long period of time, placed a ban on betting in sports. Gambling operators and gamblers have to procure a license before getting into cricket betting.

4 Sri Lanka :

Cricket betting is in its infancy stages in this country. It was legalized here in year 2010 and a steady gradual growth has been observed. The main attractions are horse racing and cricket betting. Most bookmakers offer cricket betting tips during the national team’s matches and IPL Betting Tips during the Indian Premier League (IPL) games.

5 New Zealand:

The regulation system for betting is designed and operated by the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand.The Gambling Act of 2003 lays down the rules and regulation for gambling in the country. It is basically an integration of the Casino Control Act of 1990 and the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1977, which were the country’s main legislations related to gambling before year 2003.

Betting in IPL

Betting in IPL

Cricket fans who are interested in Cricket bettingshould try online cricket betting tips. There are betting website like Lionsclubbettingtips.com which provides free cricket betting tips for all types of cricket tournament.

India vs New Zealand, 1st T20 Highlights: NZ win opening T20I by 80 runs; India record worst loss

India vs New Zealand 1st T20 Result: India lost the first T20 by 80 runs on Wednesday.New Zealand made 219/6 with unheralded opener Tim Seifert smashing 84 off 43 balls. In reply, India were all out for 139 in 19.2 overs. MS Dhoni top-scored for India with a 31-ball 39. This is India’s biggest loss in terms of runs in T20Is.

India had never lost a T20 International by 50 or more runs prior to this match. “We failed to get a good partnership. 200 was never going to be easy to chase,” said Rohit in the post-match presentation. India’s previous worst was a 49-run loss to Australia back in 2010.

NZ IND 1st T20

NZ IND 1st T20

Batting first, unheralded keeper-batsman Tim Seifert took the Indian bowling apart blasting 84 off 43 balls as New Zealand posted a commanding 219 .With the crack opening pair of skipper Rohit Sharma (1) and Shikhar Dhawan (29) departing early . Dhoni (39 off 31 balls) did play his part but it was always an impossible chase with wickets falling at regular intervals at the other end.

Scorecard -New Zealand : 

Scorecard – New Zealand

Top 5 run-scorers in IPL history

Since the beginning of the IPL in 2008, the tournament has witnessed many of the great performers. Here we will take a look at the top 5 run-getters in the history IPL .

#5 Robin Uthappa – 4129 runs

Robin Uthappa the wicketkeeper-batsman has been played for 4 IPL teams . His best IPL season is 2014 season wherein he made 660 runs in 15 games at an average of 47 for the Kolkata Knight Riders . Uthappa has scored 4129 runs in 165 games at an average of 28.67 and a strike rate of 131.70 in the IPL.

Robin Utthapa

#4 Gautam Gambhir- 4217 runs :

Gautam Gambhir will not be able to add to his total score of 4217 runs as he found no purchaser  in 2019 auctions. He also later announced his retirement from all forms of the game. In his IPL career, Gautam Gambhir has lead KKR to 2 titles Wins of IPL .

Gambhir’s IPL stats are impressive as he has aggregated 4217 runs from 154 games at an average of 31 and a decent strike rate of 123.88.

Gautam Gambhir

#3 Rohit Sharma – 4493 runs

Rohit Sharma was always regarded as a great talent ever since his debut for India But captaincy in the IPL changed all that. Since taking over as the captain of the Mumbai Indians in 2013, Rohit has led them to a record 3 IPL titles.His best IPL season has to be 2013 wherein he scored 540 runs at an average of 39.Rohit Sharma IPL

In his IPL career, Rohit has scored 4493 runs in 173 games at an average of 31.86 and a strike-rate of 131.02.

#2 Virat Kohli – 4948 runs

In his IPL career, Kohli has scored 4948 runs at an average of 38.35 and strike-rate of 130.76 in 163 matches. Kohli’s best season by far has to be 2016 wherein he scored a mindboggling 973 runs at an average of over 80 and a marvelous strike rate of 150.


#1 Suresh Raina – 4985 runs :

His overall IPL stats are quite stunning he has amassed 4985 runs from 176 matches at an average of 34.37 and strike-rate of 138.43.

Raina’s best season is 2013 edition wherein he scored 548 runs at an average of 42. Suresh Raina is the pillar of CSK’s batting line-up as the No.3 batsman rarely fails to perform . Being one of the top batsmen in IPL, Suresh Raina plays a vital role in his team’s victories.

Suresh Raina At LionsClubBetting you can avail – IPL Betting Tips , Cricket World Cup 2019 Betting Tips ,BBL Betting Tips and more