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Cricket Playing Countries where Cricket Betting is Legal

Cricket is a very famous and most loved game  It has become passion for cricket game lovers and also a source of income for cricket bettorsCricket betting has been a multibillion dollar industry since recent times and this betting is performed both legally and illegally. In fact the total worth of the global betting market is estimated to be as high as 4 trillion USD.

In India Justice Lodha Committee’s recommendation to legalise betting in cricket has received diverse responses in India. While cricket betting remains an illegal activity in India, it is a multi-billion dollar industry, having major growth in recent years through underground betting syndicates. Apart from India other country also involved in this  regard.

Cricket Betting is Legal

But there are some countries where cricket betting is legal. Here is a glance at five cricket playing nations where betting  is legal:

1 Australia :

This is real fact that Australians love gambling. Over 80% of Australian adults engage in some form of gambling. Cricket Australia (CA) closely monitors betting activities in cricket, while there are a number of laws at the provincial level to regulate the industry. Australia, surprisingly, does not levy tax on the winnings of gamblers.

2 United Kingdom :

In United Kingdom Gambling Act of 2005 regulates sports betting. It applies to all individuals involved in gambling in the country. However, the England and Wales Cricket Board also has a set of rules specifically for the stakeholders of cricket. The UK Act classifies gambling into two broad categories: legal and illegal.

3 South Africa :

Gambling Act of 2004. This act was the mark of legalization of betting in South Africa before this South Africa had, for a long period of time, placed a ban on betting in sports. Gambling operators and gamblers have to procure a license before getting into cricket betting.

4 Sri Lanka :

Cricket betting is in its infancy stages in this country. It was legalized here in year 2010 and a steady gradual growth has been observed. The main attractions are horse racing and cricket betting. Most bookmakers offer cricket betting tips during the national team’s matches and IPL Betting Tips during the Indian Premier League (IPL) games.

5 New Zealand:

The regulation system for betting is designed and operated by the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand.The Gambling Act of 2003 lays down the rules and regulation for gambling in the country. It is basically an integration of the Casino Control Act of 1990 and the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1977, which were the country’s main legislations related to gambling before year 2003.

Betting in IPL

Betting in IPL

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