All you need to know about BCCI Exploring Options To Conduct IPL This Year

IPL is nothing but an Indian Premier League is an annual T20 tournament that was initially started in 2008. It is the best time of the year for cricket lovers. During the month of March, April, and May of every year, the cricket lovers celebrate the IPL as a carnival. IPL will usually take approximately seven weeks and have a huge fan base from all over the world. As a result of the outbreak of coronavirus, BCCI is exploring different options to conduct IPL in 2020 with some restrictions. The article contains the options to conduct the IPL in 2020.

What is the format?

Usually, eight teams will participate and play their game in each other’s hometown. The teams will earn two points for every win and one point for tie matches and no point for the lost matches. At the end of the double round-robin process, the top four teams are selected for the playoffs and the remaining four teams will be eliminated. Till last year, the BCCI was not including any limitations for IPL but due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, at first, it was postponed to next year but now, there is a chance for conducting IPL with the absences of the audience in the stadium.

IPL in 2020

The BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly has communicated to the unit of members of the board that when the need arises to conduct the IPL in 2020, the tournament will be conducted in empty stands. In addition to this, there is a chance is available for conducting the T20 tournament in the month of September- October. And BCCI is not going to conduct the tournament out of the country.

Domestic cricket plans

In addition to this, the BCCI is in the process of planning the domestic competitions for the next cricketing Season. The Unit members in BCCI are working on different formats and options in their endeavor to ensure whether domestic tournaments can be held or not and Whether the tournaments are able to have competition and participation in the feasible range. In addition to this, the changes will occur in the format and options to conduct IPL this year.

Betting Options

For the last few years in IPL, the number of IPL fans has been significantly increased. People from many parts of the world have been traveling all over India to enjoy the live play of IPL matches. Even though IPL was started in India, it has fans from all over the world. During the carnival of IPL, the people are going for bets to earn more rewards. The betting options can be based on the man of the match, highest run scorer, number of runs, and many more. There are several online platforms available to bet on IPL matches and the people are using those platforms to earn more rewards.

Final words

Hope, you get to know about BCCI exploring options to conduct IPL this year. Make use of this article and know about the restrictions involved in conducting IPL in 2020.

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